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Amrein Tone Enhancers
posted by admin

Amrein Tone Enhancers FOCUS YOUR SOUND! The Amrein Tone Enhancer does just that. They slide easily over the bell of your Trumpet or Trombone to prevent the sympathetic vibr ...
6145 None No reviews
Bach Heavy Valve Caps
posted by admin

Bach Trumpet Heavy Bottom Valve Caps Precision machined from nickel silver, with twice the mass and twice the weight of standard bottom valve caps, Bach heavy valve caps da ...
7882 9.00 1 reviews
Curry Sound Sleeve Magnum C Caps
posted by admin

Curry Sound Sleeve Magnum C Caps for Trumpet MAGNUM CCAPS are specifically designed for players that want the utmost in slotting and projection. At 1.75 oz. each they provi ...
8404 9.33 2 reviews
Najoom Heavy Bottom Caps
posted by admin

Heavy Bottom Caps Heavy bottom caps for Besson®, and soon Bach® and Benge® trumpets are designed to help center and solidify the sound without the added tightness usuall ...
5383 4.00 1 reviews
Najoom Mouthpiece Stabilizers
posted by admin

These disks are designed to increase the mass of your backbore. Versatile and unobtrusive, you can choose the weight of the disk you need for the next piece in the program. ...
6121 7.00 1 reviews
Pickett Brass Valve Caps
posted by admin

Offering never before seen custom trumpet accessories for your Bach and Yamaha trumpet. Weighted, Profiled, Recessed Top Caps Weighted, Profiled Bottom Caps Stylized Val ...
11220 9.50 2 reviews
Sound Sleeve Mouthpiece Tone Intensifier
posted by admin

Sound Sleeve Mouthpiece Tone Intensifier Intensifies trumpet tone and reduces excess sympathetic vibration. Improves focus, stability and response. The best for all around ...
7760 9.00 1 reviews

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