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Eclipse Valve Oil
posted by admin

Eclipse Valve Oil Eclipse valve oil is designed for close tolerance valves
4800 None No reviews
Fat Cat Valve Oil
posted by admin

Fat Cat Valve Oil and Slide Grease The Fat Cat valve oil is a long lasting, odorless, petroleum based oil. This oil will keep your valves from smoking during those fast, "h ...
6647 8.33 3 reviews
Giardinelli Valve Oil
posted by admin

An excellent student brass lubricant, it's also heavy-duty enough for any performance situation. You know you can trust the quality when you see the name 'Giardinelli."
3084 None No reviews
H2Oil Valve Oil
posted by admin

Working with a concept of Bill Cardwell's, we have developed a valve oil that eliminates the 2 phase problem inherent with all other petroleum valve oils: The oil won't mix wi ...
6279 10.00 5 reviews
Hetman Valve Oil
posted by admin

All Hetman Musical Instruments Lubricants offer superior lubricating qualities, are longer-lasting than other lubricants, and are completely compatible with conventional petro ...
10959 8.57 9 reviews
Holton Valve Oil
posted by MF_Fan

This 1 1/4 ounce bottle of standard valve oil is a perfect size to carry around in your case. Manufactured by the Holton company, the quality is excellent, and we recommend th ...
4724 10.00 3 reviews
La Tromba T2 Valve Oil
posted by admin

La Tromba T2
10555 9.67 17 reviews
MusiChem Pro Oil Red Valve Oil
posted by admin

MusiChem Pro Oil Red Valve Oil Pro oil red is designed with a low viscosity and a low evaporation rate. Perfect for Nickel and Monel valves. PRO-OIL Red is faster and lasts ...
7855 9.50 2 reviews
Najoom Valve Oil
posted by admin

After lots of research, this is the best recipe for valve oil that we have found. It has all the right characteristics; fast, smooth, very long lasting, and odorless.
2911 None No reviews
Original Swab Co Black Lightening Valve Oil
posted by admin

Original Swab Co Black Lightening Valve Oil Specially formulated for Monel pistons, Black Lightening Valve Oil helps prevent deposits that accumulate on the Monel, causing ...
4789 9.50 2 reviews
Pollard Valve Oil
posted by admin

One bottle of the fastest valve oil in the world. It cleans as well as lubricates. The perfect all in one solution for piston and rotary valves. This slick new solution has re ...
2948 None No reviews
posted by MF_Fan

Professional quality horns have valves which are carefully honed to more perfectly match their valve casings. They are generally lapped by hand using a procedure which yields ...
7164 10.00 3 reviews
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