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posted by MF_Fan

Most production horns, generally have valve/casing clearances with wider tolerances than more expensive hand crafted professional horns. The demands on these pistons valves ar ...
2830 None No reviews
posted by MF_Fan

ROTOR This is an oil for the other type of valve (rotary). Although both PRO-OIL RED and PRO-OIL HYBRID will work well on rotary valves, this type of valve has different p ...
2648 None No reviews
Reka Reka Valve Oil
posted by Brett

REKA valve oil (for piston valves) is also an important component of the product line. It is distinguished by: * long service life * exellent saliva compatibility ...
2685 None No reviews
Roche-Thomas Slik-Stuf Valve Oil
posted by admin

Long ago, Roche-Thomas could see the need for a heavier lubricant - a special lubricant for instruments that had matured with use and tolerances that had expanded. They recogn ...
4627 7.00 1 reviews
Schilke Ultra Fast Valve Oil
posted by Brett

From Schilke Website: "Schilke valves are fit at the tightest tolerances and have set a standard within the industry for precision. Keeping the valves properly lubricated i ...
3266 10.00 1 reviews
Space Filler Ultimate Valve Oil
posted by admin

Space Filler Ultimate Oil
4692 9.00 2 reviews
Super C Professional Valve Oil - Unscented
posted by Brett

"Super C Professional Valve Oil - Unscented. This oil is unbeleivable! Lasts an extremely long time, and has absolutely no smell at all! Super C has several independent dealer ...
2522 None No reviews
Super C Professional Scented Valve Oil
posted by Brett

Scented Valve Oil Cherry, Strawberry, Mulberry, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Peppermint, Citrus, Watermelon (and Unscented)
4623 None No reviews
Superslick Valve Oil
posted by MF_Fan
3551 None No reviews
The Bandroom Tooty Fruity Pro Valve Oil
posted by admin

Tooty Fruity Pro Grade Unscented Valve Oil For those of you that would like a professional grade valve oil with No Foul Odor! This is the valve oil for you! This amazin ...
3370 None No reviews
The Pope Repair Shop Pope's Piss Valve Oil
posted by Brett

From Pope's Website "Pope's Piss Valve Oil I've been threatening this for years! This is my own valve oil - NOT synthetic... lasts long... works great... and will make you ...
2958 None No reviews
Ultra-Pure Professional Valve oil
posted by MF_Fan

Professional Valve Oil & Tuning Slide Lubes Contact Information: Ultra-Pure Oils P.O Box 373 Philomath, OR 97370 Phone or Fax (541)-929-5566 E-mail: info@ultrapure ...
9736 9.00 7 reviews
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