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Hub van Laar B1
posted by admin

Lightweight bell, Ml bore, lighter valve cluster results in a compact sound and nice projection and sizzle. This one is the brightest of our Bb trumpets and more interesting ...
6980 None No reviews
Hub van Laar B2
posted by admin

Like the B1 but with more open bell taper. This one feels and plays much broader and has also a bright and ringing sound, but when played softly it has a nice warm sound to it ...
6109 None No reviews
Hub van Laar B3
posted by admin

The B3 is a new model and features a Ml bore size with a copper bell. Due to the small copper bell (a model 5 which is more conical) it projects well. This one has heavy valv ...
8592 9.25 4 reviews
Hub van Laar B4
posted by admin

This B4 model is the most all round trumpet we make. The B4 is based on a vintage Bach but is easier to play. It has a standard weight bell and a normal weight valve cluster. ...
12308 9.83 6 reviews
Hub van Laar B5
posted by admin

The B5 has a standard weight bell with a more conical taper and a standard weight valve cluster. It has an open bell taper and a more round sound compared to the B4.
10593 9.50 4 reviews
Hub van Laar B6
posted by admin

The B6 is the latest model. It's like a B7 with a copper bell which gives it a darker sound in the softer passages and more projection in the louder dynamics.
4876 None No reviews
Hub van Laar B7
posted by admin

This model is the broadest sounding Bb trumpet we make. It has a standard weight bell with an open taper and standard weight valve cluster. It fits perfectly in all kinds of m ...
8880 9.33 3 reviews
Hub van Laar Oiram
posted by Erik Veldkamp

The Oiram is a trumpet designed by the Belgium architect Mario Garzaniti and Hub van Laar. It's a bit heavier (200 grms) due to the extra weight of valve caps and the receiver ...
17951 10.00 1 reviews

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