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Harrelson Fusion
posted by admin

Trumpet players spend most of their lives learning to work around the inconsistencies of their equipment. Why waste so much energy working against a piece of brass? Fuse your ...
2773 None No reviews
Harrelson Muse
posted by admin

Greek mythology credits 9 Muse goddesses with offering inspiration to artists, musicians, writers and poets. The Harrelson Muse is sure to inspire great music with its amazing ...
2623 None No reviews
Harrelson Nouveau
posted by admin

A singing work of art inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco genres, Nouveau exhibits unparalleled response, playability and personality. This powerful new voice is reminisc ...
2499 None No reviews
Harrelson Satellite
posted by admin

Seven unique functional art trumpets designed to intrigue the audience musically and visually. "A challenge in technique, form and artistic expression, Satellite makes a ...
2824 None No reviews
Harrelson Spectrum
posted by admin

Spectrum offers a dynamic palette of sound from deep purple to glistening white. Color ballads in rich maroon, cobalt and violet. Spray the stratosphere with screaming red and ...
3680 10.00 No reviews

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