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Holton LT302
posted by admin

The Holton LT302 is a special version of the Holton ST306 but with light weight tubing and bell.
4784 None No reviews
Holton ST100
posted by admin
3550 None No reviews
Holton ST200
posted by admin

A Full-Toned Instrument with good center and tremendous carrying power. It has a pleasing vibrant feel due to its light one-piece bell.
6971 10.00 1 reviews
Holton ST301
posted by admin

previous version of the ST302
5155 7.33 5 reviews
Holton ST302
posted by admin
16195 8.00 6 reviews
Holton ST303 "Firebird"
posted by admin

Features: Combination valve and slide trumpet Designed in cooperation with Maynard Ferguson to meet every requirement of contemporary music Played either right hand, l ...
14179 10.00 2 reviews
Holton ST304
posted by admin

the original MF Horn II
6692 9.50 2 reviews
Holton ST305 "Banana"
posted by admin

The horn has a .484" bore and a 5.0" Yellow Brass Bell. The bell is tilted up 20 degrees for better projection. from eBay... SN# 894XXX
7571 1.00 20 reviews
Holton ST306
posted by MF_Fan
7970 9.00 2 reviews
Holton ST307
posted by admin

Maynard Ferguson's newest personal-model trumpet, the ST307, has been called his best trumpet sound yet! The newly designed full-length mouthpipe combined with the new reverse ...
16228 9.21 15 reviews
Holton ST308
posted by admin

Maynard Ferguson's model ST308 boasts a smaller 11.66 mm (.459") bore than his model ST307. Maynard says, "I am pleased that Holton offers my ST308 with a medium-large bore fo ...
7997 9.33 3 reviews
Holton ST500 "Al Hirt"
posted by admin

Holton ST500 "Al Hirt"
11987 7.00 3 reviews
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