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Kanstul ZKR1505 Bb
posted by admin

Rotary Series (ZKR 1505Bb) These rotary trumpets feature Zirnbauer rotary valves with with a third slide trigger. The bronze bells produce big warm dark orchestral sound. T ...
3909 None No reviews
Kanstul ZKT1500
posted by admin

The ZKT1500 Bb Trumpet features a heavy-walled, five inch, hand crafted one piece copper bell that produces a big, dark symphonic sound. It is very free blowing with an open, ...
10022 9.67 6 reviews
Kanstul ZKT1500A
posted by admin

The ZKT1500A trumpet offers a full centered sound and with great projection for jazz and symphony players alike. It's design and versatility are unmatched! Available in lacque ...
13101 8.75 8 reviews
Kanstul ZKT1500B
posted by admin

The ZKT 1500B trumpet features a lightweight 4 7/8" bell and matching mouthpipe. It balances sizzle and blend for all around use. It is excellent as a section instrument. Avai ...
6114 8.50 4 reviews
Kanstul ZKT1501
posted by admin

ZKT 1501 Bb Trumpet All around performer with quick reponse, bright centered sound, and even registers. Medium large bore.
4794 None No reviews
Kanstul ZKT1502
posted by admin

ZKT 1502 Bb Trumpet Similiar to ZKT 1501. Focused, bright classic trumpet sound ideal for lead players working in the upper register. Medium large bore.
4841 9.00 1 reviews
Kanstul ZKT1503
posted by admin

The ZKT 1503 features a powerful and dark sound with a focused projection that is perfect for the all around professional.
10173 10.00 3 reviews
Kanstul ZKT1504
posted by admin

ZKT 1504 Bb Trumpet Similar to ZKT 1503 but has a slightly larger mouthpipe for a more open feeling with greater flexibility.
8686 9.50 4 reviews
Kanstul ZKT1600 WB
posted by admin

Wayne Bergeron model
22210 8.60 15 reviews
Kanstul ZKT1601
posted by admin

The ZKT1601 is similar to the ZKT1500, but features a light weight hand craft one piece copper bell, and all brass body.
5235 8.00 2 reviews
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