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Schilke B1
posted by admin

Key of Bb Medium-large bore Large bell
37982 9.58 19 reviews
Schilke B1L
posted by jazzylips

The B1L is a tuning bell Bb trumpet made by the Schilke Co. They produce a rich centered sound, that can be used in many settings. This ia a very versitile instrument, as d ...
2267 None No reviews
Schilke B2
posted by admin

Key of Bb Medium-large bore Medium bell
8994 8.50 2 reviews
Schilke B3
posted by admin

Key of Bb Large bore Medium bell
12011 9.50 9 reviews
Schilke B4
posted by admin

Bore: M Bell: M
8574 10.00 1 reviews
Schilke B5
posted by admin

Key of Bb Medium-large bore Medium-large bell
19839 8.67 7 reviews
Schilke B6
posted by admin
16150 10.00 5 reviews
Schilke B7
posted by admin

B-FLAT TRUMPET Model Number B7 Key Bb Bore Medium Bell Large Medium bore models B7 - Large (A) bell, introduced in 1969 These are the same horn, differing ...
16032 9.78 9 reviews
Schilke B9
posted by admin

Schilke only produced about 35 from aroung 1964 to 1980.
3888 10.00 1 reviews
Schilke MI
posted by admin
2888 None No reviews
Schilke MII
posted by admin
10850 9.33 3 reviews
Schilke S22
posted by admin

Key of Bb. Heavier feel, large bore, medium-large bell.
10995 8.80 6 reviews
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