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Kalison A 25
posted by admin

A 25 Model F/Bb. double horn with trasposing rotary valve positioned at the beginning of the bell like Geyer system.
4104 None No reviews
Kalison A2000
posted by admin

A2000 Model Is an innovative instrument inspired to the tradition of Carl Geyer. The horn, built by craftsmen with advanced materials and technologies, was designed with the ...
3952 None No reviews
posted by admin

CONSERVATORIO Model F/Bb. compensating horn, yellow brass.
6708 None No reviews
Kalison CROTT
posted by admin

CROTT Model In collaboration with Prof. Giuseppe Crott we have developed this F/Bb. double horn with E/A stopping valve, nickel silver, yellow brass or gold messing.
4245 None No reviews
posted by admin

GIULIANI Model In collaboration with Prof. Luciano Giuliani we have developed the F/Bb. double horn with piston thumb-valve, based on the old Schmidt system, with direct entr ...
4456 1.00 90 reviews
Kalison K.A.B. 10 ALLEGRI
posted by admin

K.A.B. 10 ALLEGRI Model F/Bb. double horn gold brass detachable bell whose screw fastening permits quick and easy attachment and removal of the bell, detachable leadpipe.
5075 None No reviews
Kalison K.A.B. 9
posted by admin

K.A.B. 9 Model F/Bb. double horn with valve section and leadpipe detachable in only a few minutes by just five screws; possibility to personalize the instrument by different ...
4868 None No reviews
Kalison K.B.C. 26
posted by admin

K.B.C. 26 Model The new double horn Mod. K.B.C. 26 represents the highest level of technological achievement: the valve section has been designed to facilitate response, ther ...
4133 None No reviews
posted by admin

LUSARDI Model F/Bb. double horn, special brass alloy, fixed bell.
4414 None No reviews
Kalison M 27
posted by admin

M 27 Model
3748 None No reviews

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