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Holton C105
posted by admin

Holton C105 Cornet The model C105 cornet produces a dark, rich and full singing tone, its mellow voice tinged with an aura of subtle brilliance. Its dual-bore design, provid ...
4967 1.00 10 reviews
Holton C150 Pocket Cornet
posted by admin

Holton Pocket Cornet Silver Holton Pocket cornet, in silver plate, bore 11.51 mm (.43”). mouthpiece and case.
9663 None No reviews
Holton C302 Model 28
posted by admin

Holton C302 Model 28
6077 10.00 1 reviews
Holton C504
posted by admin
4498 None No reviews
Holton C602
posted by admin

The Holton Collegiate model cornet is a student-priced instrument with performance and tonal characteristics equal to most higher-priced models. The C602 is a cornet with a ri ...
9191 None 1 reviews
Holton C603
posted by admin

Model C603 boasts more flexibility than the smaller-bore C602. Be surprised by its ease of blowing and handling. Enjoy its dark, round and full singing tone quality.
7585 10.00 1 reviews
Holton Galaxy
posted by Soontir948

Intermediate Model.
9349 9.00 1 reviews
Holton Vintage New Proportion
posted by jrotherm

Shepherds Crook Cornet
7160 9.00 2 reviews
Holton Stratodyne Model 27
posted by admin

Holton Stratodyne Model 27 No. 27 Stratodyne Cornet - Over three years of experiment and development hve gone into this new Holton cornet. The result is a tone that is tin ...
4306 None No reviews

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