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Schagerl ACADEMICA Signature Model MNOZIL BRASS
posted by admin
2247 None No reviews
Schagerl ACADEMICA TR-600S
posted by admin
1557 None No reviews
Schagerl ACADEMICA TR-610L
posted by admin
1274 None No reviews
Schagerl ACADEMICA TR-620
posted by admin
1467 None No reviews
posted by admin

No less a figure than James Morrison was the force behind the developing of this trumpet model. Lacquer or gold finish: this is a trumpet which is perfect even for professiona ...
1730 None No reviews
Schagerl B-Trumpet Model AGLAEA
posted by admin

The „Aglaea“ is an universally usable trumpet which is highly cherished by Jazz- and classical players as well. The especially dark sound is perfect for jazz ballads and orche ...
2692 None No reviews
Schagerl B-Trumpet Model DIONE
posted by admin

The „Dione“ model is a very popular standard weight model which is perfect for every kind of music. The ML bore in combination with the brass leadpipe and bell offers excellen ...
1977 None No reviews
Schagerl B-Trumpet Model JAMES MORRISON
posted by admin

This new Bb-trumpet-model was developed with input of the legendary multi-musician James Morrison. Together with the traditional craftmanship of our technicans, James Morrison ...
2301 None No reviews
Schagerl B-Trumpet Model PENELOPE
posted by admin

The „Penelope“ is the perfect choice for a colorful, blending sound. The quick response is similar to our „Dione“ model, but the „Penelope“ gold brass bell offers excellent in ...
3017 9.00 1 reviews
Schagerl B-Trumpet Special Edition PHELIN VLADO KUMPAN
posted by admin

The Phelin „Vlado Kumpan“ Signature model is the perfect trumpet for lead players and soloists who prefer the „reversed leadpipe“ design. The tone does not break up with volum ...
3060 None No reviews
Schagerl Gansch horn
posted by Isaias Jimenez
2477 7.00 1 reviews
Schagerl Spyder
posted by Isaias Jimenez
1972 None 1 reviews

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