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Yamaha YTR-942ML
posted by admin

Mfg. 1975-1981 Silver Plate
6905 None No reviews
Yamaha C trumpet yamaha YTR-9445NYS
posted by Isaias Jimenez
1123 10.00 1 reviews
Yamaha YTR-2435
posted by admin

The YTR-2435 offers a high quality pro-style C trumpet for a student model price. It features many of the qualities of our top-of-the-line models, like medium weight tubing, p ...
4301 None No reviews
Yamaha YTR-4435
posted by admin

The YTR-4435 has been designed by the same team that produces our top-of-the-line professional models and shares many of the same qualities, like a rich full tone with accurat ...
7432 10.00 1 reviews
Yamaha YTR-641
posted by admin
4038 None No reviews
Yamaha YTR-6445 C
posted by admin

12597 9.00 6 reviews
Yamaha YTR-741
posted by admin

Key of C replaced by YTR-8445GS
6398 10.00 2 reviews
Yamaha YTR-745
posted by admin

Key of C replaced by YTR-8445GS
5979 8.00 1 reviews
Yamaha YTR-8445 Xeno C
posted by admin

YTR-8445 Xeno (pronounced 'Zeno') C trumpets are designed for those who want power and projection as well as a big warm sound. Developed from more than 30 years' research with ...
14152 8.38 8 reviews
Yamaha YTR-8445GS
posted by admin

Mfg. 2001 - Silver Plate
3035 None No reviews
Yamaha YTR-8445HGS
posted by admin

Mfg. 1991-1994 Silver Plate
3297 9.00 1 reviews
Yamaha YTR-8445HS
posted by admin

Mfg. 1991-1994 Silver Plate
2390 None No reviews
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