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Calicchio 1S/9
posted by admin

Big fluid sound with room for any style of playing. This horn leaves you plenty of room to color your sound.
5748 None No reviews
Calicchio 1S2
posted by admin

Take a time honored design, use a #2 lead-pipe. You've got a horn with that extra edge for demanding lead players. The 1s2 model is focused, bright with a big, clear sound. ...
24642 9.21 15 reviews
Calicchio 1s3
posted by funieJazztpt

The classic Calicchio 1s bell combined with the #3 leadpipe.
7761 9.00 1 reviews
Calicchio 1S7
posted by admin

The 1s7 Calicchio Trumpet is a culmination of Domenick Calicchio's lifetime work. Each one is based on the exact dimensions of the trumpets Domenick personally made and are bu ...
12182 8.50 5 reviews
Calicchio 1SZ
posted by admin

The reverse #3 lead-pipe and the large bore make this a very well balanced lead horn. The fat large bore sound without the tubbiness of most large bore horns Bronze 1s, lar ...
9471 9.67 3 reviews
Calicchio 3/9L
posted by admin

This is the ultimate large bore trumpet! You can create a fiery lead sound or the lyrical solo sound. It's all up to you!
8244 10.00 1 reviews
Calicchio Copper
posted by admin

The Solo CopperTM elevates copper trumpets to a new standard of excellence. Rounded and Tapered bends on the bell and tuning slides enhance the sweet sound of the instrument's ...
10178 10.00 2 reviews
Calicchio R23
posted by admin

Calicchio R23 R2 Bell #3 Leadpipe
7621 10.00 1 reviews
Calicchio R3/9
posted by eedubya

This model was developed with the help of Calicchio Artist Jay Daversa. Built the same a the standard 3/9 with the heavier Red Brass R3 bell. Slightly darker than the R37 and ...
3232 None No reviews
Calicchio R32
posted by admin

R32 balances a bright #2 leadpipe with a big R3 bell. This trumpet maintains a quick response and a consistent sound and feel throughout all registers. This is a very versa ...
9219 10.00 1 reviews
Calicchio R37
posted by admin

R37 features thick tubing for the leadpipe & tuning slide. Heavy bottom caps further enhance an already solid sound and feel. This trumpet is heavier and darker sounding tha ...
8129 8.00 2 reviews
Calicchio Ultra 1S/7
posted by admin

Ultra 1S/7 (focused & full) This trumpet has the same air column as our Classic 7. The combination is a full and rich sound with quick even response characteristics. Ideal f ...
7052 8.50 2 reviews
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