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Getzen 3050 Custom
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The all new Custom Series Bb Trumpets are designed with the individual trumpet player in mind. With three standard configurations and a wide variety of available options, each model can be customized to meet the specific needs of each musician.
The 3050 Model was designed as an all around horn and provides a full brilliant tone with moderate resistance and excellent intonation. Perfect for the serious junior high or high school student and the college player focusing on classical playing. If a slightly darker tone or freer feel is the desired, the addition of the optional gold brass bell and/or reverse leadpipe will achieve the feel and sound the player needs.

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Bore (inch): 0.459
Bell (inch): No. 125
Bell Type: 1 Piece
Bell Mtl.: Yellow Brass
Website: http://www.getzen.com/
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Review Date: 9/9/2004 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $700.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Valves, beautiful finish, life-time warranty
Cons: none

This is an outstanding trumpet! I have the Large bore horn and play with a Schilke mouthpiece (9 for normal playing and 8E2 for a more mellow sound...this of course is a matter of taste and best size for the player). I had a silver Getzen Capri many years ago in school and have been playing a Holton and an asian made horn...the quality of Getzen can't be beat and the price of this trumpet is competative with other high end trumpets. The finish is stunning and the horn is surprisingly light and free-blowing. I found it very easy to play low notes and pedal tones, and ALL notes come out sounding extremely clean and by far the clearest of all trumpets I've played. The large bore requires a bit more "umph" in the upper register then a smaller bore horn, so I wouldn't recommend it for a young player, it is better suited for the classical musician or advancing player. I bought my horn slightly used for $700, which was a great deal given its $1800+ retail. You could probably expect to pay $900+ for a good used horn, but I couldn't think of a better quality trumpet. If you're serious about your playing, give this a look. In general, you won't be disappointed with Getzen, which ever model you choose.
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Review Date: 3/20/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Valves, Superb construction, very even tempered

A great all-round horn. I've been playing the 3050 with large bore for about a year. It is not a light weight or super free blowing lead trumpet, but a very even tempered trumpet with great sound (moderate to light reisistance and medium weight). Most trumpets made just can't compare to the Getzen in qualiiy. If you just want a super all-round horn that will last fore ever, try the 3050. If you want a light weight trumpet to play lead on then try the 3052, or a Kanstul or Zeus top end horn. If you're cash limited, find a nice used Eterna 900. I am bias to Getzen, but admit other horns may give you a few notes more of range, but most won't give the same lasting quality.
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Review Date: 6/14/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,700.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Getzen Platinum Lifetime Warranty- Valves- Perfect Finish- Great Craftsmanship
Cons: Price

Fabulous trumpet. I'm a sophomore. The perfect trumpet that will last any highschool trumpet player until college and beyond. The lifetime warranty assures you if you have a problem with the horn, (not just valves like standard) anytime with craftsmanship Getzen will fix it, or replace it. Perfect buy. Pricey for the usual highschooler, but most definately worth it.
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Review Date: 1/3/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,300.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: everything
Cons: I'll have to think about this for a while.

Shame on Yamaha,Monette,Bach,Shlike,Jupiter,Amati,Zeus,and any other trumpet manufactuars out there!!
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Review Date: 1/9/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $2,150.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: almost everything
Cons: Bach may want to burn down the Getzen company.

Better than most other pathetic trumpets on the market today!
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Review Date: 7/30/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,500.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: The perfect horn to do-it-all-with
Cons: none

The best horn available that can be used for any type of play.. Once you've become comfortable with it the sound can be colored to your liking at will. It will even blend with a cornet if you use a deep enough mouthpiece and think DARK! I've found some other Getzen Custom models do specific styles of play a bit better. But for one horn that can do it all well. You cannot go wrong with the 3050.
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Review Date: 10/18/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,250.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: It kicks a lot of brASS!
Cons: Other people hate you for having such an awesome trumpet

Best all around trumpet I've ever played!
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Review Date: 11/30/2007 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: $1,450.00 | Rating: 6 

Pros: Plays easily, good strong upper middle range.
Cons: Low range, placement, chromatics

My own opinion seems to differ from the "unregistered consensus."
The horn is very--even overly-- accessible. It blows quite easily but has the attendant downfalls: placement (slotting) is difficult, the low register won't stand up to the long slow beats of a forte, ff, or fff. It just wipes out when you go under the staff. I've tried to solve this problem with various mouthpieces, but not matter what, my tone breaks down.

With the ease of blowing come the negatives, ghost-notes in tough passages, unwanted overtone slips, and so on.

Chromatic passages are not slotting well, and the valve-stroke feels unwieldy.

Sorry to be negative, as this is a pretty horn--mine is brass and nickel-lacquered. I think perhaps that it is possible that I'm used to the wide vibration of the old Resno-Tempered bells and that perhaps this horn might be just right for a young player. I'm going to stick with it a little longer but am getting somewhat frustrated.
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Review Date: 12/13/2010 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,500.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Very good quality, excellent sound
Cons: Basic package limited

I looked for a 1960's Bach 37ML with flat bell rim and was told to buy an Artisan trumpet for $3500! The Getzen 3050S actually feels similar to the old Bach 37ML I wore out. I think it's sold in a configuration suitable for a student.

With the rounded tuning slide and Curry C-Cap weighted valve caps it plays, slots and projects much better. Note the valve bottom cap threads have a groove for the O-rings to fit into, a dead give away. This is a very good trumpet but which IMHO needs weighted valve caps fitted all the time. I have not tried a trumpet before which reacted so well to having them installed on all 3x pistons. "3e_PISTON"s review may well be valid for a stock horn with bad valve alignment or an air leak. Mine plays very well, using bob Reeves mouthpieces or Warburton B backbores to give a little more gap. This is pretty much the all round trumpet it was designed to be with a little tweaking. The valves are excellent - they feel like they are not being worked, they kind of move without any effort, drag or noise.
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