Seven unique functional art trumpets designed to intrigue the audience musically and visually.

"A challenge in technique, form and artistic expression, Satellite makes a statement to the world of trumpet players. You can spend a lifetime learning the technical details of playing high, fast and loud. But if there is no beauty, there is no music. I find that by making musical self-expression my highest priority, technical details dissolve into music people want to hear." - Jason Harrelson

Satellite Trumpets are the most efficient and responsive trumpets ever built. The sound is colorful, bright and solid in all registers and dynamic levels. All finger rings are ergonomically designed and positioned to fit most players. Despite unfounded claims that heavy horns are dark and unresponsive, this is the heaviest, most responsive and brightest of all Harrelson Trumpets. Suitable for lead work, latin jazz, classical, quintet and solo repetoire, the 7 Satellite trumpets are destined to land in very good hands.

The Satellite Series is a limited edition of 7 unique trumpets each with their own slant on the Satellite theme. These photos show the first Satellite trumpet, which features Black Mother of Pearl inlays in the leadpipe and 3rd slide, Synthetic Opal inlays in the finger buttons and Paua shell inlays in the bottom caps. Finished in Raw Brass, other features include full trim kit, saturn water keys and ergonomic finger rings.