Harrelson 904 Trumpet Modification

Harrelson Modified Trumpets exhibit superior sound quality, slotting, dynamics and response. Our clients rave that playing has never been easier and endurance is improved considerably! The 904 is our most popular model worldwide. Call for an appointment and see for yourself why so many pro players are switching to Harrelson.

Buyer supplies base model trumpet for this 904 modification. I recommend choosing an instrument with which you are already familiar. Bach This horn will be finished in brushed or satin finish. Raw brass is standard, other options include polished finish, clear lacquer, silver or gold plate.

Features of the Harrelson 904 Trumpet Modification

- NEW #8 Solid 1/8" Brass Leadpipe Sleeve
- Double Reverse Leadpipe Conversion
- NEW Custom fit Valve Casing Braces
- 3" Custom Fit Bell Crook Brace
- 3" Custom Fit Tuning Slide Crook Brace
- 2 Custom Fit Leadpipe to Bell braces
- Beveled slides
- Choice of several brace designs.