The latest addition to the popular and innovative Holton “Merker-Matic” is offered for those who prefer the Geyer wrap design. This configuration positions the Bb/F “trigger” rotor after the third valve, facilitating smoother slurs between the F and Bb sides of the horn. The H192 also has the small bell and main branch and longer inner tuning slides characteristic to this design along with Holton’s acoustically tuned, slow tapered mouthpipe. This lends a resistance that is comfortable, with just enough center and focus to enhance the controllability and feel of the horn. Hornists will also find this model’s legato qualities to be particularly fluid.
Like all models in the Merker line, the H192 features the innovative Merker dual bore, which contributes to the even resistance and accurate intonation from the F to the Bb horn, and to the precise articulation that is particularly effective in the high-register Bb side. The combination of all these benefits result in a horn that is quite versatile, with a resonating, elegantly warm and rich tone quality.

Key: F-Bb, with reversible 4th valve to Bb-F
Pitch: A445
Bore: Dual bore: F 11.89 mm (.468") Bb: 11.68 mm (.460")
Mouthpipes: Newly developed long lineal taper with .301 venturi
Lever action: String action with stainless steel springs and solid nickel silver components
Valve rotors: Tapered hand-lapped brass with nickel-silver outside casings
Bearing Plate: Tapered brass
Slides: Hand-lapped inner and outer with rolled bead rings, long scale to permit greater latitude in tuning adjustment between the F and Bb sides of the horn.
Material: Lacquered brass with solid nickel-silver
Bell: 12.25 diameter, small -throated hand-hammered specially annealed with overlapping seam
Waterkey: One on mouthpipe
Case: Deluxe wood-shell double case
Options: Available with detachable bell as H292 (pictured)