0.459" Medium-Large Bore, Silver Plated with 24K Gold Trim and Fittings. 1602S-SRB1 shown featuring standard mouthpipe in rose brass, yellow brass bell with regular taper (1).

The craftsmanship that goes into each Tribune XO trumpet parallels that of the most expensive handmade horns. A player will find the Tribune XO’s feel to be both comfortable and balanced. Every Tribune XO, whether a .462" large bore or a smaller bore model, has exacting characteristics that allow players to better achieve a centered pitch in all registers. The .459" medium-large bore, in particular, provides the ideal volume and carrying power for all-around playing.

The Tribune XO’s classic design features a 1st valve thumb saddle, 3rd valve throw ring, and horizontal 3rd valve slide stop (an optional vertical style is available). The Tribune XO series is equally pleasing aesthetically with two lever-style water keys, angled bell-to-mouthpipe braces and 24k Gold plated fittings, including both pearl inlay and solid metal finger buttons as standard features. Included with each horn are two main tuning slides (standard elliptic and rounded) as well as a set of regular and a set of light valve springs. Trumpet players can further customize their sound by choosing from the custom options; standard or reverse mouthpipe, rose brass or .925 Sterling Silver mouthpipe material, and yellow brass or rose brass bell in regular, slow or fast taper.

Jupiter is recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of high quality brass instruments. Years of research and contact with leading players and educators have resulted in the development of these extraordinary trumpets. Jupiter Tribune XO trumpets are designed to meet the needs of discriminating players and offer excellent tone, feel, and playability. Utilizing computer-aided engineering and design, Jupiter blends modern technology with proven old-world hand craftsmanship such as hand lapping valve sections and hand hammering each bell.

This all leads to the professional look, sound, and feel of the Tribune XO series of trumpets, striving to be among the finest in the world.