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Kanstul ZKT1500A
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The ZKT1500A trumpet offers a full centered sound and with great projection for jazz and symphony players alike. It's design and versatility are unmatched! Available in lacquer or silver.
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Bore (inch): 0.460
Bell (inch): 5.000
Website: http://www.kanstul.net/
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Review Date: 5/8/2004 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,800.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Full, dark sound; responsive; resonant; great projection; fast, smooth valves; rich low notes and strong high notes.
Cons: Takes getting used to weight.

It's a fantastic horn! I love the feel of it, the weight of it, the gorgeous round, warm sound. I don't find it too dark, which is good. It still sounds like a trumpet, just more fuller and rounder than a bright horn.

I don't know what the sheet bracing does exactly, but the horn sounds and feels more resonant, full, and projects quite well. The valves are tight yet smooth, not broken in (of course) but fast.

The horn slots SO well it's unbelievable, and is VERY easy to play. As someone posted somewhere here on TH, it “almost plays by itself” ... and it does feel easier to hit notes on. Also: the lower notes are so rich and velvety, and the higher notes (I can't play very high at all yet) feel centered and focused (someone also mentioned that DHC sounded great on this horn, but I will not reach that for a long while).

My C.G. Personal mouthpiece feels perfect for this horn, too, which makes me feel good. I actually think my Olds Ambassador is very similar to this horn, but I notice a BIG difference with the low and high notes (the Kanstul being much more full and strong), and the slotting is utterly incomparable: the 1500A flows from one note to the next like a piano. Quite stunning in ease.
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Review Date: 7/16/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,800.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: warm rich dark round sound, projection, slotting
Cons: mouthpiece looks "swallowed" by sleeve

I bought this horn through wwbw in the late spring and because of an inventory problem i got one straight from the factory, lucky me, i know.

The first five notes that came out of that horn (by my playing) was five octave c's... pedal c, middle c, third space c, high c, and double c. I had to set it down i could not believe how i could possibly do that without killing myself.

The sound seems to escape out the end of the bell before i even play it.

All the notes from the pedals to the screamers are fat, round, and demanding.

The weight seems a little much at first... so does trying to unlearn the bad habits from an out of tune horn (Jupiter Carnegie XL CTR-60 with a three time reshaped bell)... a small price to pay for learning right and a big sound.

Another unique thing about the horn... it was put together by hand... not some factory crap... the engraving "1500A" on the mouthpiece receiver is engraved with a small shift in the 1... a little bit of human in the horn... all the pieces to the valve slides are marked with the same two last digits of the horn's number. I also got my horn in brushed lacquer so it has a satin look to it... which certainly matches its sound.

Slots beautifully and the harmonics ring like nobody's business, but does take getting used to.

I certainly dont think this horn is too dark... i would not shy away from playing lead on it or even marching band lead if i had the balls or cash to risk it on the field.

It isnt a horn for everyone... but if you want a big fluffy fat sound that still has a kick up high... a little sizzle... give it a blow.
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Review Date: 9/14/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $2,350.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Perfect sound, pistons and projection
Cons: Poor quality of leadpipe

I am a lead trumpeter in a jazz bigband. Before this instrument I played a King Silverflair. it gave me a very sharp, in the higher register, "shreeking" sound. This Kanstul helps me by keeping my sound like a trumpet, even in the register above high C.
After 6 months my lead-pipe started to "rust". A new lead pipe was placed. Now after 4 years this second pipe is starting to show signs of corrosion also!!!!
After replacing the first one the laqcuer was quickly losing its grip.
As I am Dutch I want to apologize for my poor English
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Review Date: 11/21/2005 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: $1,600.00 | Rating: 6 

Pros: Looks cool
Cons: fit and finish-too much $$$

Valves made noise. Bad laquer job. Plays like a getzen 700. Returned instrument. Too much money for what it is. Poor quality.
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Review Date: 3/27/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,650.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Slots very well. Nice tone
Cons: Finish could be better

I purchased my 1500A new from Kanstul Music in 2004 adn it is my main Bb.I find that it fits well in nearly all settings and has a very nice tone. Some say it is a little dark but, I dont find that to be true. I would describe the tone as warm with a nice core. When its pushed it does brighten up considerably. This horn slots better than any horn I have owned, probably due to the heavy bracing. It has a very easy upper register too. The fit and finish are good. My only gripe is that there is consierable buffing marks under the lacquer finish on the bell. They should have spent a little more time prepping it before lacquering. The lacquer has held up well in the past 2 years with no wear whatsoever. Inistially, the valves were very clanky but, they are getting much better. They are lightening fast. The slides are perfectly fit and work very smoothly. All in all, it is a very good horn and I would replace it if it were stolen. Cliff
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Review Date: 4/13/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $3,600.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Looks and capability
Cons: Not lively and heavy

This Trumpet looks great, not stunning but impressive. I have been playing mine for 7 years and have played it in Recitals, Orchestra, Latin Bands, Rock Bands and Big Bands.

In a recital situation, I find this Trumpet to be very good to play, but lacking the tonal interest of a Bach 37 which I find has greater 3D qualities. The sound is gloss not mat. However, has a richness unmatched. In an orchestral setting, this is an excellent choice for the Carmen low solo or Shostakovich, but once again sounds alot different to a Bach. I can safely say that it is easier to play. The two slides are a great idea and I find can really make a difference when switching between styles or sounds, handy in an audition situation.

This trumpet can be played in a Rock Band horn section or a Big band horn section. It is great for Latin as well. You can push this baby as much as you can and it will hold. For me this is a huge plus, when you have to cut and be heard. It has quite a presence too. It is a tubby horn, so if you don't like a tubby horn this would not be a wise choice. However, I find with the regular main tuning slide (the one without the weighted brace) this horn can sizzle on lead or in a solo, and won't break up. Pitching and slotting is secure and the intonation is fine in all registers. Targets are medium to large.

This is a quality made instrument and is easy to play. I don't like how the mouthpiece reciever swallows three quarters of the mouthpiece. Al Vizutti and Bobby Shew have both played this trumpet. Al Vizutti said "there is nothing wrong with this horn, it is a good Trumpet" and Shew simply said "he doesn't like Kanstul's".

It is very well made and designed to handle varying playing situations extremely well, and does. The only set back with this horn is that for me it falls into the neither here nor there category.
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Review Date: 10/2/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,450.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Efficiency, Sound
Cons: Had to send the 1st one back.

The first time I played a friend's 1500A I was pleasanly surprised at how much sound comes out the end. I seems to be a very efficient horn in that for any given level of effort put into it, it seems to put out a higher level of intensity than other horns I have played (Schilke, Callichio, Bach, Yamaha, Benge, etc.) I am all about making the job as easy as possible, so this horn was a natural choice for me.

I did have to return my first one, the slides were not right. Having been to the Kanstul factory, it seems that there are an awful lot of guys doing finish work on Zig's horns, so I guess care taken in slide fitting and color buffing all depends on who did that stuff to your horn, what day of the week it was, and whether the guy got laid the night before. I noticed someone said the horn is "truly handmade".. I hate to break it to ya bud, but all trumpets are pretty much made the same way. Man-operated machines for each part by the boxload, subassemblies done on a work table (insertion of valve knuckles, bell brazing, valve honing) - all processes done by people in conditions similar to a gun factory or book bindery. People who get bored and tired. It's noisy and dirty. How noisy and dirty? All depends on how many horns are made in a day. All horns are final soldered by a person with varying levels of experience. Some of the smaller companies make one horn at a time, but believe me, machines do the bending in all cases. I have been to the Kanstul Factory, Calicchio (California), the old Schilke plant on Wabash, and the Yamaha plant. The details are different, but the basic concept is the same.

BTW, the 1500A logo on the bell? Done with a media blaster by the batch. The "1' was probably a glitch in the stencil placement sorry to burst the bubble. Zig Kanstul kicks out HUGE amounts of instruments. I must say the 1500A is a winner. I like most of his Bb horns.

Oh Yeah, what do you expect Bobby Shew to say? "Man I love it!!!! I'm going to call Yamaha right now and cut off my money stream so I can endorse this Kanstul!!!" : )
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Review Date: 5/18/2009 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $3,200.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Great sound, low and high notes , projection is great , smooth valves
Cons: heavy , build quality not consistant

The first Kanstul I bought was the X . Found it to focused on one thing : lead and projection was on the bell only.
So I tried the 1500A and fell in love . WAUW, what a horn . Fantastic sound and low and high was sounding full and rich . Okay , some will find it dark but I found it full and rich and had no problem blending in with other horns.

But then after a few month's the laque got dark spots underneat the topcoat. So I let it relaqued in silver finish and that was so a bad job that even the valvecasings had laque residu in them . The horn was after that useless . So I damanded a new one and got it.

And this one was problem free. The finish was not like other brands ( buffing is a problem with Kanstul it seems ) but it was better then the first one .

Due to fysical problems I had to sell it again because the trumpet became to heavy to hold. I still regrate that.
Now I play a Bach 186 . But I mis the Kanstul when I have to record music. The sound of the Kanstul for recording is so sweet and full and on the screaming parts it blows the Bach out of the sky. I recorded very different styles with this horn; From jazz to churchmusic and it sounded great in all situations.

It blows so easy . Slurs and glisses are so easy . Even ppp to fff is a revelation if I compare it with the Bach or the Schilke I have . I had the feeling that the horn was singing with me . With the Bach I have to work the horn hard to get a specific style or sound . With the Kanstul it was if it was born for doing wat I wanted and how it had to sound . I'm now searching for a horn with the same quality's but not as heavy but else I will buy one again .

Valves are good , after breaking in . Oiltype is a key here.
Bell is a larger then other horns , had to adjust some mutes to fit.

If you are searching for a great trumpet with a great , full sound , good intonation, quick response , and that play's the way you want it try this one . And compare it with other brands . You will be suprised of the way it play's . But try severall of the same type because the buildquality is not always the same. Laquejob is not the best out there. But witch brand is consistent today ?
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