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Kanstul ZKC 1531 Bb Cornet
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ZKC 1531 Bb Cornet
Traditional British cornet with shepherd's crook design, two slide triggers. Large bore.
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Bore (inch): 0.470
Bell (inch): 4.750
Website: http://www.kanstul.net
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Review Date: 1/20/2010 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,500.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: tone, agility, free blowing
Cons: fit and finish

I just picked this horn up for use in a Salvation Army brass band. I love the tone of the horn. I use a Denis Wick 4B mpc. The horn sounds very nice and is very agile. It is very easy in legato playing and slurring through the scales.

The notes above the staff are very open and easy to get too. I think this is due in part to the very open .470 bore. The triggers are smooth but just a little uncomfortable at times. I am sure I will get used to them.

The intonation is better than average but not on par with Schilke trumpets, I can't speak on their cornets as I haven't any experience with them. As for my set up, the intonation would probably be a little better if I were not using the short DW cornet shank I am using. I think the horn was designed around a long shank american cornet mpc. However, it works for me in brass band and has a beautiful, dark, melow, sweet cornet sound. I tried about eight different mouthpieces and decided to stick with the Denis Wick. The vibrato with the wick is beautiful. I played the horn for my son. He kept his eyes closed and picked the Denis Wick every time. He plays the trumpet.

I suppose the only complaint I have is the fit and finish are not up to par for a horn at this price. It is acceptable, but I can see imperfections at the brace joints. However, this does not affect the playability. I think I got spoiled with my Shilke B-1. Shilkes are always perfect right out of the box. That being said, this Kanstul was designed for playing, not looks. It is a workhorse and not a work of art, that is for sure. The bell solder was not cleaned off well enough after the wire was soldered in as well.

I love the valves. They are noisy because they have metal valve guides. The metal valve guides are a throwback to earlier cornets and I think it adds character to the horn. There is a bit of a break in period on the valves. Just clean them every couple of weeks and reoil. I use blue juice which keeps the valves from corroding if the horn sits for awhile. I know this is a fact because I started using ultra pure on my Schilke. I let my Schilke sit in the case for a couple of months. When I pulled the valves out, there were little pits of corrosion inside the valve holes. I was very disappointed. I have never had that problem using blue juice.

My Amado water valves work fine. I hear a lot of folks complaining about those but I have not had any issues. You just need to keep them oiled and empty them often.

The nice thing about this Kanstul is that it will really come alive and scream if you need it to. Some cornets can diffuse the sound if you push them too hard. Not the Kanstul. It will cut through if you need it too. It also has a very bold low end fortissimo.

The Kanstul does not come with a case so I am using a Protec single cornet case. This case offers a lot of protection for the horn. When you are done playing, just drop it in the case. The horn sits upright in the case which helps keep the valve oil spread more evenly accross the valves when storing the horn.

I hope this was helpful.
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