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Kanstul MAR 990 Bb Standard
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Mariachi Series (MAR 991 Bb Premier and MAR 990 Bb Standard)

These trumpets were created especially to express the authentic spirit of Mariachi. The sound is brilliant, yet wam. Valve action is lightning fast and secure. They blow astonishingly free and easy in all register, enhancing the performance of the artists at every level. They both have 1st slide triggers and 5 1/4" diameter bells.
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Bore (inch): 0.437
Bell (inch): 5.250
Website: http://www.kanstul.net
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Review Date: 7/2/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,100.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Fun to play, built like a tank, huge sound
Cons: The small bore/ huge bell is definitely different

I have the MAR900 Standard with the Nickel plate. I haven't played the Premier so unfortunatley I can't say how the two compare. The MAR900 has a tighter wrap and different finish than the Premier. With such a silly name as the Mariachi I resisted trying this horn or quite some time but finally tried it and I was very much surprised at what a nice trumpet this is (I should know by now that if it has Kanstul name on it, it must be a fine instrument). So now I own one. The first things that impressed me with this model was the big huge sound that comes out of the very big bell. Secondly is a feel of more resistence than one usually expects from a trumpet. That isn't to say that means this horn is "stuffy." It just plays with less effort-- imagine the blow of a cornet. The strong quality of this horn is a very easy to handle the high register. I was also expecting a super bright... to the point of irritating sound. Not the case at all. Depending on your your mouthpiece this horn can easily be used in a variety of settings and has a very nice tone. It's not like after one note someone says "Wow, what a bright trumpet." Not much different than a "regular" trumpet. This horn may not be suitable for first chair in the Chicago Symphony (but then either am I), but this horn blends well and has a nice clear sound and is an ideal jazz or solo type horn. It has a little bull terrier feel to it-- very sturdy and heavy. Not a wimp of an instrument by any means. Fit and finish are excellent. The very hard nickel plating makes it feel impregnable. This is apparently a copy of the old Connstellation 38B. I have a few friends that used to play the old Connstellations and to a man say they wish they hadn't sold them. Despite the offsetting Mariachi name this is great little trumpet that I would recommend trying. It may not be your cup of tea but you might be surprised once you try it. By the way-- the folks at Kanstul told me this Standard model (and not the Premier) is very popular in the Netherlands, of all places. Maybe they know something we don't!
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Review Date: 5/7/2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,150.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: BEAUTIFUL instrument. Plays/Slots/Intonation is GREAT.
Cons: Hard to find

I've tried both the 991 & 990. The 991 is a good horn with a cornet valve block and a lot of flash to the exterior of the instrument. The 990, in a new condition, is almost black. I guess dark grey Nickel exterior.....BEAUTIFUL!! The sound is mellow down low and in the upper register, Holy CRAP!! I've tried about every horn out there and this is my favorite. The blow is really open for a .438 bore. You have to make sure the valves are aligned and that you have the correct receiver GAP, but after these two things are done, you have to try to miss notes. These are extremely hard to find, and at $1,150 (which is what I paid), I am extremely happy. I've played some $3,000 trumpets that are nothing compared to this baby.
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