Lawler Model C

These are built for the jazz player with as step bore design starting at .453 and ending at .462 at the bell bow. The bell will be yellow brass with a 4 3/4" rim. Just as with all Lawler trumpets, they will be fitted with Getzen valves.There will be 2 models avalible. The standard Model-C will be all brass. The DELUXE Model-C will have nickle trim on the slide tubes and upper half of the valve caseing ballast, just like the original Deluxe Committiee. Both horns will be avalible in raw brass, brushed lacquer, or polished lacquer with prices starting at $1795.00 for the standard Model-C and $1995.00 for the Deluxe. There are some difference between Model-C and original Committees. The Model-C will have traditional lever type water keys instead of the side winder keys. Also, Intonation and tuning will be greatly improved .