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Lawler TL6-1A
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The Lawler TL6-1A is a very versatile set up. The 6 bell is a large taper bell that will give you a full sound with great mids. The response is quick and slurs are very fluid. This is due to the #1 taper leadpipe. Its even taper allows for very good intonation with a centered blow. The A setting of the leadpipe venturi allows for a fast open air column with a good resonant feel.

Please note that the TL6 can be ordered with a red brass bell and it will give you more lows in the sound. TL6R
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Bore (inch): 0.460;0.464;0.468
Bell (inch): 4.750
Bell Mtl.: Yellow Brass, TL6R (Red Brass)
Website: http://www.lawlertrumpets.com
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Review Date: 1/1/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $2,185.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Great sound, even feel, great upper register, beautiful finish,
Cons: None

I went through a lengthy trial of searching for a professional horn for several long months. I tried nearly everything under the sun. Bach Strads. Conn V1's. Kanstul. Yamaha Xeno, Marcinciwicz, and a Wild thing, amongst many other horns.

The Lawler out-performs them all in every concievible way. Intonation is a non-issue as it is perfect. The blow of the trumpet is perfect and even in all registers. I find that I don't have to pinch (bad habit) to play in the upper register nearly as much.

The sound is exactly what I want. I ordered this with a Red Brass bell to give me better lows. The sound is just beautiful. It's focused, dark, fat, and is very easy to get a good sound. If I push this horn, it'll certainly brighten up to what I need it, but it's never a thin or over-edgy sound. Playing lead-trumpet charts with this horn is a breeze, and the depth of the sound of this horn actually blends well in a jazz section.

The valves......they're Getzen. Everyone knows they're the best. Not much to be said there, but the valves actually make playing easier and help me to improve my technique. I ordered the concave valve buttons. My fingers just form to the valves, and they move perfectly.

I also ordered a set of heavy valve-cap bottoms. I love how they change the playing characteristics of the horn. With the normal caps, the trumpet's slotting is rather loose, as I had ordered it. With the 3 heavy caps on, the slotting really tightens up, and nicely. The control is flawless. Right now I prefer one heavy cap on the 3rd valve for a good balance.

My first Lawler was ordered from ebay, and I loved it so much, but it wasn't built for me...which means it wasn't quite perfect for me, but I knew exactly what I wanted out of a trumpet once I played it, so Roy (who is very pleasant to deal with, by the way) built the horn I wanted, and it's better than I would have imagined.
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