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Will Spencer Modular Fittings
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Custom Trumpets - Fittings

Will Spencer has developed a unique set of fittings and a process to customise instruments to enable players to interchange bells and leadpipes easily, without degrading the performance of the original instrument. An example was displayed at the last ITG conference and was enthusiastically received by players, manufacturers and customisers. Most Vincent Bach Bb & C bells and leadpipes are kept in stock as well as pipes by Cliff Blackburn, Denis Najoom and Ken Larson.

You can make a single visit booking during which your instrument will be converted and different combinations tested. Alternatively, you can send your instrument by courier or post, in which case it will be returned to you in about a week.

These modular conversions are being used in many of the finest British orchestras and the fittings are now being exported to the US and assembled by Prowinds of Indiana who are currently the sole distributors for the USA.
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Website: http://www.willspencer.org
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Review Date: 11/5/2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Makes your horn better than the BEST it can be!
Cons: None at all...I just wish that I found him sooner...

Will Spencer is an absolute genius. He made a system that flat-out improves your horn. Whatever leadpipe/bell/tuning slide options you want, he can do for you. If you want to use one bell for symphonic work and another or solo, he makes a "key" that allows you to interchange them easily. Same for the leadpipe!!! He suggested that I go with a 229G bell and a MK. No. 7 leadpipe in red brass along with a MK XL bore tuning slide for what I do. I also got a 229 bell to interchange... He hit it right on the money! The horn plays so wonderfully and it is great in all genres of playing (symphonic work, solo, chamber, jazz, etc).
This horn was good going into his shop and it came out MUCH better! It sings beautifully from pedal tones to the highest note you can play. The tonal colors are rich and complex. I don't know how to describe the sound, but I do know is that is one, if not the best sounding horns I've ever played. The horn is so easy to play and sounds so great; I think all trumpet players should send him their horns. I highly recommend his work! He is nowhere a 10 on a scale of 1-10; he is somewhere way above....If you want one of, if not the best guy working on your horns, he is the man to do it. Will Spencer is easily one of the most helpful, nice, and knowledgeable professionals I have ever been lucky enough to work with and his modular fittings are brilliant!
*I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Will Spencer, I am just a huge advocate of his products ever since he worked on my horn!*
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