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Meinl Weston 18
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100% of reviewers $3,300.00 8.0


3/4 compact size "Handy"
4 rotary valves
Bore: .748in
Bell diameter: 17.75in
Height: 35.4in
Weight: 9,5kg
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Bore (inch): 0.748
Bell (inch): 17.750
Key: BBb
Bell Style: 3/4
Valves: 4, Rotary
Website: http://www.meinl-weston.com
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Review Date: 12/29/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $3,300.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Very Responsive and Larger Sound Than It Appears to Have
Cons: A few out of tune notes

I am currently a Junior Music Education major in college and I currently own this horn.

I bought this horn used. It had quite a few scratches on it, mainly on the butt of the horn where one would rest it against their belt. Other than that, the horn was in immaculate shape. This horn is a VERY sturdy horn; it has alot of thick reinforcers around the outer edges where the most dents and dings can occur.

I believe this horn, even though it is labeled as a 3/4 horn, is definitely a compact 4/4. It has a very large sound which can easily compete in any regular ensemble, but it is also responsive enough that you can easily do solo work on it. The horn tends to give alot of feedback on the players mouth, which I particularly like but some may find this to be just too much resistance. Thats a matter of personal preference.

The main grief I have is that there tends to be a few out of tune notes on this horn, one major one is its middle D, where it HAS to be played with a 12 combination instead of it being open valving in order for the note to not be in tune (this has been verified to be a common problem with this horn). Also a few of the upper notes below the Bb on top of the staff tend to be flat.

Other than that, I believe this horn is an excellent horn and I would recommend it to any high school/college student who will not be making an extremely serious career involving tuba playing.
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