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C.G Conn 4E Wonder F-Eb
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"As can be seen in the picture, this mellophone has alternate slides. It can be tuned in either F, Eb, D or C. The 4E was produced between at least 1922 and 1931"

What Conn said in 1931:
The mellophone is a great "pinch-hitter" for the French Horn and is often used as a substitute for this instrument. Its larger bore, shorter length and more shallow mouthpiece makes it easier to play.
This model is a popular seller. It is built in F with D slide for orchestra work. The Eb slide makes it adaptable for band work and the C slide makes it possible to play directly from piano, violin and song music without transposition.

What Conn said in 1938:
"The larger bore, shorter length and more shallow mouthpiece make the mellophone easier to play than the French horn and it is sometimes used as a subsitute horn. Has 3 piston valves, is built in F with rotary change to Eb and slide to C."
-The Conn Loyalist
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Key: F, D, Eb, C
Bell material: Brass
Website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~cderksen/ConnHorn.html
Keywords: C.G Conn 43 mellophone
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Review Date: 4/18/2009 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $700.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: 4 different keys, beutiful tone.
Cons: None, if this is kind of horn that you're looking for.

Borrowed this nice looking horn for some concerts, when you're sitting down it's just excellent. Nice rich tone and diffrent keys, so you can change key without tranposing (which can be difficult, if you're not used to it)

I would recomend this horn to anyone that (for some reason) don't "like" french horns (myself included) It's easy to get familiar with this horn if you have been playing some other horn like Alto or Tenor becouse of the piston valves and you can play with exactly the same fingerings as every other horn (which is a big plus for me, and other who don't know how you tranpose)

Nice horn, different keys, and C.G Conn quality!

\Conn Lover
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