Our lightest instrument.
Free, easy upper register.
Great projection.
More secure response than other light instruments.
Good blend with conventional instruments.
The B-flat model can be used with either our standard-weight or LT lightweight mouthpieces.
5 1/8" diameter bell.
This model is the lightest instrument we have ever made, and is extremely easy to play! The low register really “barks,” and yet for most players it has the best extreme upper register of any Monette instrument. With our “ovate” shaped tuning slide and bell bends, this trumpet has a more consistent and secure response than other instruments of the same weight. The added security along with a less stuffy feel is a wonderful combination for players who need a light instrument, or an instrument that blends easily with other players using conventional instruments. This instrument has a 5 1/8" bell, and is available in raw brass, bright silver, or brushed 24k gold finish.