993 C Trumpets


Large, full sound!
Lightest model with our larger 5 5/8" bell.
Versatile: great for classical, lead, and jazz.
Can be used with both STC-2 and STC-3-weight mouthpieces.
These instruments have become extremely popular in the past few years! They are heavier than our smaller-belled instruments and the lightest instruments we make with our larger 5 5/8" bell. They can be played with either our STC-2- or STC-3-weight mouthpieces, which makes them unusually versatile. Lead players or players with a naturally dark sound would usually use the lighter, STC-2-weight mouthpieces— and many jazz or symphonic players would use the heavier STC-3 weight mouthpieces, which helps produce a thicker, more stable sound. The 993 Bb is the model usually used by Wynton Marsalis when he tours playing in the section of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.