Extremely rich and brilliant sound.
Sounds good up close and even better at a distance!
Remarkably fast and stable response.
Holds together great on extreme softs and extreme louds.
5 5 /8" bell.
Great for players with an open physical approach.
Since 1990, players have asked for a RAJA-type instrument with an interchangeable mouthpiece design. We are pleased to offer the AJNA II. These instruments combine all the features of our early RAJA instruments with the flexibility of an interchangeable mouthpiece design. These updated models have a remarkably brilliant sound, with an extremely fast response. Best when used in rooms made for communication. To hear the AJNA II C trumpet in a classical setting, listen for Manny Laureano on the 2000 Minnesota Orchestra recording of the Copland Symphony No. 3 and “Fanfare for the Common Man.”