900 Series Cornets


• Huge sound.
• Great softs.
• 5 5 /8" bell.
• Double shepherd’s crook design.
• Available in Bb and C.

These revolutionary instruments are the first cornets designed to be played with trumpet-shank-sized, constant-pitch-center Monette 900 series cornet mouthpieces. This helps the player realize a dramatically improved dynamic range, increased endurance, and superior intonation over conventional cornets. The heavyweight, 5 5 /8" bell and double shepherd’s crook design help produce a richer, fuller, more resonant sound than has ever been possible with a cornet. These instruments are a joy to play! Monette 900 series cornet mouthpieces are available in all Monette rim sizes, and come in standard cup, deep bowl-shaped cup, and deep “Vee”-shaped cups. Wynton Marsalis used his presentation, decorated 900 series Monette C cornet on his classical CD, “A Fiddler’s Tale,” and on his jazz CD, “Mr. Jelly Lord.”

Classic Model Bb Cornet


* Easy to hold and play.
* Tremendous flexibility.
* 5 1/8" bell.

We are pleased to re-introduce our classic model Bb cornet from the mid-eighties! This instrument is a smaller, lighter instrument than our 900 series cornets, and is great for both solo and ensemble work. It is designed to be used with Monette “constant-pitch-center” Bb cornet mouthpieces in cornet shank size, which are available in any standard Monette rim size and with a variety of cup depths and shapes. We usually suggest using a turn-of-the-century style deep “Vee” cup, as this style mouthpiece helps produce a more authentic sound.