JAZTEC is a fresh new mouthpiece concept, combining real playability with stunning good looks.

The innovative design combines a hard resin cup with a full-length brass backbore and shank. This ensures that it fits properly, remains rigid and plays every bit as well as a regular mouthpiece.

These handmade mouthpieces are created to be as individual as you are. No two are exactly the same. Colours range from natural to really wild. The choice is yours.

Cutaway showing brass shank

The materials, design, construction and outstanding good looks make JAZTEC Mouthpieces decidedly different.

Alternative materials have been used in the past, with varying results. Reasons for using these materials included combating metal allergy, or providing a mouthpiece that doesn't feel cold the first time you play a note, (great news when you play outdoors!).

The major drawback to most of these mouthpieces was that they changed the tonal character of the instrument. This is fine if you want to change your sound, but most players want their trumpet to sound like a trumpet.

Because the JAZTEC mouthpiece is built around a brass core, the tonal character remains virtually unchanged. It responds and sounds like a regular mouthpiece. The brass shaft fits into the horn just like a regular mouthpiece. This ensures a secure lock and the correct transmission of vibration from the mouthpiece to the instrument. From the mouthpiece throat onwards you are blowing a metal mouthpiece.

The combined use of the non-toxic, hard polyester resin, with a brass core, gives us the scope to create beautiful looking mouthpieces and keep 100% playability. In order to maintain individuality, we are constantly seeking new finishes to keep an ever-variable spectrum of colour and design available.