Barclay BB200


* Excellent Clear Lacquer or Silver Plated Finish

* Precision light weight Nickel Plated valves

* Two-piece seamless bell

* Inner slides made of brass

* Lathe turned mouthpiece receiver

* Nickel Silver accents on the Lacquer Model


* 3rd valve expression slide with adjustable

tuning finger ring with adjustable stop.

* 2 water keys with felt stop (3rd valve slide and tuning slide)

* Two mouthpipe-to-bell braces


* Bell 125mm (4.92")

* Bore 11.7mm (.460")

* Length 482mm (18.98")

* Weight 1060g (2.34 lbs)

Delivered with:

* Oblong Molded Hard case, Velour Lined

* Silver-plated 7C mouthpiece

* 1 oz Bottle of valve oil