AIOLIA (Bb) has the new inventioned HAMANAGA VALVE. The valve is very smooth flow and stable. The inner tubes of the pistons have no dent part. As you know, the present trumpets have many interference parts (dents) at each inner tubes of piston. As the result, AIOLIA sounds stable and free blowing.

Specifications of AIOLIA
Key: Bb
Bore size: 11.65mm ML
Weight: 1750g
Material: Yellow brass
Valve: HAMANAGA Valve system (Heavy wall casing and very smooth line)
Piston: New Nickel Alloy (Long body construction)
Bell: Interchangeable system (Bell diameter/123mm and 143mm)
Mouth pipe: Full covered mouth pipe system
Main tuning slide: High speed bow (jointless single pipe)
1st trigger: Twisted ring trigger (easy holding, and smooth action)
Finish: Silver pt.
Case: Original double hard case

List Price: JP Yen 1,000,000