Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet
Dark Lacquer ("Dark Nickel") Finish
Sold with 7C mouth piece
Sold with zippered nylon case

I'm an amateur musician, and was looking for a horn to take travelin' to keep up with practicing. I took a chance on this one based on a review of Allora trumpets on a different website, and based on the ~$300 asking price. One thing to note is that the Allora name is mentioned on other websites as an old European company, but this horn came with a rather large sticker "Made in China". I don't feel this is a detractor, as many companies have outsourced production to China, but you should be aware.

The fit and finish are first rate for a lacquered brass horn. The valves did not need breaking-in, and the action is similar to my intermediate horn. The "dark nickel" finish is actually a dark lacquer over polished brass. The third valve slide works well, although it took some getting used to (thrown with a left thumb ring). All slides came greased, so all I needed to do was oil the valves to get going. It comes with a 7C mouthpiece (Bach knock-off).

As for the sound, it's very happy in the middle register, and sounds like a cross between a cornet and trumpet. It's definitely better than a student horn, but I don't think it's quite a intermediate horn. Low register is okay, but tone quality suffers a bit (a characteristic of pocket trumpets so I'm told). The upper register is good but requires precise control. The medium large bore makes it easy to wind. It is easy to lip into tune or perform pitch bends/smears.

The aspect ratio of the bell allows use of most standard trumpet mutes with the exception of a cup mute (the cut-off bell doesn't match up with the cup). This is a boon as I use a Yamaha Silent Brass mute to practice and not disturb the neighbors (interesting that the horn is almost as short as that mute).

I've had it now for almost 3 months, and I find it fits my needs well. I recently had it in its case packed in a backpack (a daypack actually) that was my carry-on luggage. I had space left over for reading material (5 magazines), my Silent Brass mute, a couple snack bars, my cell phone, a medium sized digital camera, an mp3 player, hat, scarf, and gloves.

In summary, at the asking price of ~$300, I found to be a good value.