"Brilliant tone amplified by the Bronz-o-lyte bell. Contempora trumpets are masterpieces of perfection. The first trumpet with perfected Monel valves achieved after many years of research and engineering. Excellent balance. Available with or without first valve trigger for delicate intonation adjustments. Each Contempora trumpet is rigidly tested by members of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra to insure perfection throughout. Possesses sparkling tone that makes the instrument literally come alive in your hands! All models equipped with deluxe genuine leather, Gladstone cases." [Catalogue: 1959]

C model | Valves: top-loaded, inner-spring Monel valve pistons with optional first-valve trigger | Bore: .458" large bore | Bell: 4-5/8" Bronz-o-lyte bell with nickel-silver tone ring, or "kranz" | Length: 21½" | Materials: nickel silver slides and trim | Finish: clear lacquer finish; optional silverplate with bright bell or gold bell finish

Model 43-M
.458" medium bore with first-valve trigger