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S.E. Shires Medium Bore
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The S.E. Shires medium bore tenor trombone line is a fantastic choice for the jazz and commercial player who prefers a bigger, more free-blowing instrument. It can also be the perfect second instrument for the orchestral trombonist to use for lighter or pops repertoire. The slide receiver and valve sections from our large bore line are compatible, so a wide range of combinations is available to the player who owns both.

The single bore .525 slide is the most popular medium bore option, but dual bores in .508-.525 and .525-.547 are also available.

New September 2004! Leadpipes for .525 and .525-.547 slides are now available with receivers for small or large shank mouthpieces - perfect for the scaled-down slide of a primarily orchestral player.

An 8-inch bell of any alloy and construction can be selected to match your sound concept—and your orchestral equipment, for a continuous feel from one instrument to the other.
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Review Date: 10/7/2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,950.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: the best slide i've ever played on, upper harmonics are very precise.
Cons: factory service is slow

I've never played a horn that needed such a small amount of adjustment of the slide position to compensate for the harmonics. The third position for the middle C is very close to the one for the Eb, Gb, Ab and the C an octave above.
The slide is so smooth, it feels almost non-existant. and the horn is built like a cement mixer! My only complaint is that i ordered another tuning slide after suffering a good sized ding in it from the horn falling off the stand. A year after the order, the tuning slide still hadn't arrived. I ended up having the repair shop to bang/push the dent as smooth as possible. So if you see me playing a Shires with a fairly bumpy curve of a tuning slide, you'll know why!
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