An original making, which, among other things, integrates a very direct cornet circuit. It brings a great clear sound, precise emission, and a right balanced accuracy.
Over its sound qualities, adaptibility is one of the main features of the "ERA 2". Available with a choice of two branches , it can be equipped with a complete set of three slides, which allow to use it as a Bb. "ERA 2/CD" model is built on "ERA 2" (92 C branch) and can be tunedduring the play by the bell arch thanksto a bracket moved by left thumb.

Tune to C
Bb - 4 additionnal slides ( optiona)l
Bore diameter : 11.75mm (medium bore)
One piece, hand hammered bell, rounded at 125 mm, in brass (703) or goldbrass (815)
Mouthpipe : " 90 " (standard) et " 92 C "
High precision Monel valves
Tuning : 3rd valve fixed ring and 1st valve thumb hook
Top-sprung valves
Nylon valve guide
Two waterkey
Weight : 1.057kg (ERA II)
Mouthpiece " Selmer-Paris "
"Light" case