The New Symphonic Band Model
Custom Music Company announces the new Symphonic Model of the Sterling-Perantucci Euphonium. It is produced exclusively for Custom Music Co. and painstakingly engineered to satisfy the needs of the most demanding performers in the world. Its design was thoroughly tested, and the final product assembled by England's foremost skilled craftsman.

Quality is part of the basic design. Special brass alloys are used for durability and resonance. Leadpipes are handmade, and each valve is tailor made for its casing. The pistons are stainless steel, and intonation is true in all registers. Tight bends in the valve group are smoothed out for maximum ease of blowing. The primary aim of this model is to provide the artist with a truly musical instrument.

Flexible, centered sound at all dynamics and in all registers.
Large mouthpiece receiver for compatibility.
True "euphonium taper" leadpipe for characteristic tone.
Special bell design for outstanding projection.
Excellent intonation.
Compensating system.
Unhurried assembly for quality and consistency.
Our exclusively designed case provides excellent protection.
Yellow brass or red brass - heavyweight or regular bell.
Bell Size- 12"
Weight- 8 lbs.
Bore Dimensions:
Main- .635" (16.1 mm)
Compensating- .670" (17 mm)
4th Valve- .710" (18 mm)
Silver plated finish is standard.
Brass lacquer available on request