The S1 is the only entry level Bb trumpet with professional features on the planet, the S1 is an amazing instrument.

Featuring silver plate, hand fit slides and pistons, fixed 3rd valve ring, 1st valve slide saddle, and a professional piston regulation. The S1 is like no other entry level trumpet.

Many student instruments sacrifice features in order to keep their price low. This results in an instrument that is difficult to play and prone to breaking. The Stomvi USA S1 is a horn that enable and encourage the beginning player to excel!

Bore: ML .459
Bell: 4.88 inch BellFlex
Ovate tuning slide
Monel Pistons
Hand-lapped pistons and slides
Improved Amado style water keys
Piston Regulation
Silver Plated
Optimized resistance(damping) for beginning players