The thinking behind the Rio II is very simple. To make the most versatile trumpet we can and at a price more competitive with mainstream instruments.

• To do this with no sacrifice in the build quality of the instrument.
• To make it feel 'right' in almost all playing conditions.
• Comfortable for both section and solo work.
• A sturdy workhorse, but light enough to hold up for those long gigs.
• And it's got to look good as well.

Quite a tall order, it must be said, but not impossible. The Rio II can hold its own in almost any given situation and blend in happily with more mainstream trumpets. If you have to work with only one trumpet, then this is a serious contender, at any price level.

How is it put together?

• Based around the tried and tested valve block used in the Chicago series.
• The bell is a yellow brass variant of that fitted to the Chicago Lite.
• It features a traditional mouthpipe made from hardwearing nickel silver.
• The finish is Polished Silver plate, so it has a more classic look.
• A less heavy mouthpiece receiver, so it will work well with any mouthpiece.