Tooty Fruity Pro Grade Unscented Valve Oil

For those of you that would like a professional grade valve oil with No Foul Odor!
This is the valve oil for you!

This amazing valve oil was field tested for over two years by students, instructors and professional musicians before it's introduction to the market. Tooty Fruity cuts right through all the old caked up oil, dirt and grime and forces it right out of the horn; while keeping your horn smelling great! No more musty, smelly horn! You can tell the difference immediately!

Tooty Fruity fills the pores in the brass casings and valve plating in your horn, allowing your horn to resist dirt, moisture, body acids and other foreign particles that cause sluggishness. Never worry with slow or sticky valve action again. You can finally get great results again from horns that have worn, or no plating. Tooty Fruity has an evaporation rate of almost zero! Lasts a very long time between applications.

Tooty Fruity is available in six pleasant smelling scents and contains
Also available in Professional grade "Unscented"!
Tooty Fruity comes in an attractive 2 oz. bottle with a
applicator, assuring that you never lose another valve oil cap again!
Plus, this hi-tech cap helps reduce spillage!