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Zeus ZCR900
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ZeuS Guarnerius professional cornets have all the high-end specifications you need with vintage design and flawless internal workmanship. Hand-lapped valves and slides provide precise fit and smooth air flow. This cornet is specifically designed for Brass Band performers and soloists, offering the player a rich, open and warm sound with excellent intonation. Traditional waterkeys and metal valve guides give this cornet a no nonsense classic look and feel. Completely hand-crafted by America's premiere custom trumpet manufacturer. The price makes it an unbeatable value when compared to any other professional cornet with the same specifications. As with its Guarnerius trumpet brother, you can look at any other brand but you will not find a better cornet at any price and at this price. Too good to be true, but it is true.

Entirely hand crafted in the USA by one of the world's leading manufacturers,
Key of Bb,
Classic British shepherd's crook short model design
14" length of instrument,
Various custom finishes,
Single piece, hand hammered, 4 3/4" bell,
Standard weight construction,
.464" bore size,
Hand fitted Monel valves,
Genuine pearl finger buttons,
Traditional brass valve guides (not plastic)
(These valve guides are noisier than the modern plastic guides but I wanted to be true to the original vintage design)
Traditional lever-type waterkeys,
1st and 3rd slide triggers,
ZeuS professional mouthpiece,
Genuine ProTec case with zipper and shoulder strap,
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Bore (inch): 0.464
Bell (inch): 4.750
Bell Type: 1 Piece
Bell Mtl.: Copper
Valves: 3, Monel
Website: http://www.zacharymusic.com
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Review Date: 3/18/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,210.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Incredible sound, Great price
Cons: Lack of Finish detailing

This is a review of the ZeuS ZCR900S Cornet. This horn is built in the Kanstul factory in Anaheim, California and is an OEM product for Zachary Music.

The ZeuS ZCR900s is identical to Kanstul ZXC1531 as far as I can tell, with different water keys. The ZCR900 advertises a bore size of .464, but I measured mine at the 2nd valve at .470, same as the Kanstul ZXC1531.

My reference point for comparison are 2 Yamaha professional trumpets that I own, which includes the Xeno 8335RGS, and the Yamaha YCR-6335HS that a friend owns that I have played. Everything else I have owned or played have been student model horns. I have been performing with this horn for 3 months.

Below is a list of very negative things that were not exactly perfect on this horn, but I need to preface this with saying I love the sound of this horn and would not trade it straight across for the Yamaha YCR-6335HS and have virtually retired all my other horns. I LOVE this horn.

The Negative (Cons)
1) The finish on this horn is VERY good, but will not pass a close inspection by a buyer that looks is the most important thing to him/her. If finish and looks is on the top of your list, buy the Yamaha. Items I noticed: A dozen Small pits in the brass (very small), not completely buffed in the small nooks and cranny's before and after plating, 1st and 3rd valve triggers are not ground and polished perfectly and show some pitting in the casting. Realize this is putting this horn under a magnifying glass. None of this is visable from 2 feet away.

2) The valves are Monel just like all the pro horns, but they take longer to break in than the Yamaha horns. Break in on the Yamaha horns is virtually non-exsistant, on the ZeuS, expect some sticky valves that require cleaning and lots of oil for the first month or so.

3) Taking off the valve caps showed some plating that was flaking off on the threaded part. No big deal, but you need to clean this horn very good BEFORE playing it. Dont get these flakes in your horn.

4) The finger button pads are rubber not felt. Don't know about the new Bach horns, but the old ones used rubber instead of felt. Problem is, this rubber is soft and sticky. You need to put some talcum powder on them to keep them from sticking. I used some PTFE powder, problem solved.

5) Case it comes with is very cheap, but fuctional. The Yamaha cornet comes with a case that retails for $350, although can be had $225 wholesale. Consider this in pricing.

The Positive (Pros)
1) Sound! This horn has an incredible sound. Comparing it to the Yamaha YCR-6335HS, this horn has a warmer fuller sound. Mouthpieces made a huge difference in sound, but my comparison was made with my mouthpieces.

2) This horn is a heavy horn weighing in at 39oz's. The Bach Strat and the Yamaha 8335RGS weight in at 38oz's, both considered heavy weight horns. Weights are without mouthpieces.

3) Price, don't know how they can sell this horn for this price. The Yamaha YCR-6335HS internet street price is about $1950. The ZeuS sells for $1250 with the case. I got mine for $1210 with no case and bought the Yamaha cornet case for $225, which is a VERY nice case. Compare $1435 with $1950. Great horn, great price.

4) All the 1st and 3rd valve triggers work smoothly, and the 2nd valve tube and tuning slide are a perfect fit. A solid, very well made horn. The feel a playabilty say quality craftmanship.

5) After sales support is great. The guy that sells these horns, Alex, should not be allowed close to customers, but if you can get past him trying to push your buttons a little, he is very passionate about his horns, and will bend over backwards to take care of you. I have no complaints, just leave your ego at the door and be prepared, or jus
t go through one of his distributors :-)

Sound and playability are on the top of my list with looks comimg in a close 3rd. Price, although important to my wife, is 4th on my priority list. I was willing to pay up to $2500 for a horn when I was looking.

After all the negative things I said, and if I had it all to do over again, would I buy this horn? In a heart beat. I love this horn and never intend to part with it.

I have a day job, and it is not selling horns :-)

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